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Emotions in pregnancy and the postnatal period


During pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a time of very mixed emotions particularly in the first and third trimesters due to several factors.  The major life changes that are ahead can give rise to worries and doubts. Physical changes can induce stress and tiredness and fluctuations in hormonal levels can play havoc with the brain chemistry. One minute you may be laughing and the next crying; and beginning to feel like you're losing it.  However, be assured, you are not going mad, it is all completely normal and it is important that your partner or friends knows this too.  Having a supportive partner is really helpful but it is important to know that even if you don't, you can do this alone!  It is amazing the resources a person can find when they need to.  You just need to focus on the end result.  A child can bring so much joy, so much happiness into your life.

 Some women really don't have the best circumstances when pregnant.  They may have lost their partner for one reason or another or the pregnancy may have resulted from a one-night stand.  If you are in a situation like this it is really important to focus on any positive points you can, no matter how small.  At the end of each day, congratulate yourself for any achievement you have made.  Even if it's just something like doing the shopping or making a tasty meal.  This sort of exercise each day eventually trains you to be positive.


Postnatal depression

For some reason many people put themselves under loads of unnecessary pressure when a baby is on the way.  Pregnancy is not a good time to remodel your home or to move house.  Putting yourself under that sort of pressure can increase your chances of suffering from postnatal depression after the baby is born.  Also, there are studies that show that the babies of mothers who have been under abnormal stress during pregnancy are adversely affected by the stress.

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Finally, take a short walk outside every day.  Walking helps  keep your lymph system healthy and clear of toxins which can make you feel sluggish.