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FreeHypnobirthing safety statement

Hypnosis is a very safe process that involves accessing the unconscious mind where learning takes place. No deep therapy (regression to childhood, accessing of hidden memories etc) is used anywhere on this website.  You cannot get stuck in hypnosis, you are always fully in control. However, rarely, when some people enter the hypnotic state they can become very emotional and for this reason, you should please consult your doctor before using these recordings if you suffer from the following conditions:

Heart disease

Moderate to severe asthma


Bipolar disorder


Severe depression

Important:  Never listen to hypnosis recordings when driving and always listen to the recording completely from start to finish.  At the end of the recording, is a termination of hypnosis and if this is left out you may not immediately be fully alert.

Other Issues preventing progress


If you feel you may have any deeper issues that seem to be stopping you moving forward and you would like to investigate with hypnosis; seek out a qualified therapist.  Since this profession is unregulated there are many cowboys out there. To be sure the therapist you visit has a valid qualification, you can refer to the NRHP Website (National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists).  They have quite stringent qualification requirements for membership and their members must abide by the code of conduct.


Always contact your midwife first for advice if you feel unwell in pregnancy or immediately after birth.