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Late pregnancy and birth (approximately 28 to 42 weeks)

The day of birth is getting closer and as a mum -to-be you may be beginning to get tired more easily as your baby bump grows, possibly not able to walk as far as before, feeling pressure in your pelvis and backache may be noticeable as your centre of gravity shifts.


Fears and worries may become more pronounced as you realise there is no turning back now!  Your mind may be full of thoughts about what the birth will be like especially if you are a first time mum.  You may want a natural birth but worry that you won't be able to stand the pain.  The problem with worries is they can cause you unneccesary stress and that can have an adverse effect on your late pregnancy and birth experience.  Read more about stress in pregnancy.


The recording below is aimed at relaxation, revitalisation and at training your mind to expect and look forward to a positive birth experience. Other recordings will follow that will be aimed at overcoming some other issues that may arise at this time.


Late Pregnancy and Birth Relaxation and Visualisation

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Encouraging a late baby

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